Skegss - Rehearsal (Neon Green Vinyl)


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In the six years since their inception, Skegss (singer/guitarist Ben Reed, bassist/guitarist/vocalist Toby Cregan, and drummer Jonny Lani) emerged from their laid-back Australian small town roots as unlikely anti-heroes of the country’s vibrant rock scene.

Their riotous releases that have sparked circle pits and stage dives all over—from dingy pubs and skate parks, to 20K capacity festival stages—led the three lads on countless world tours in addition to numerous times atop the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) singles charts, while more recently reaching number two in the album charts (and being nominated for a prestigious ARIA Award in the process).

Skegss never lost their underdog flair despite their achievements, and it's that same spirit that defines their second studio album, Rehearsal—a 13-track thrill ride through modern disillusioned youth.