Self Love Gift Pot


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Know someone who needs a little cheering up this Monday? We've got the perfect pot for you!

Let a loved one know you're thinking of them but sending a unique and personalised pot straight to their doorstep to brighten up their Monday. 

This pot includes:

1 x Medium Garden Pot

1 x Shemana Mystic activated Incense jar with White sage, Rose + Lavender

1 x Shemana 100ml Heart therapy oil activated with crystals and wildflowers designed to assist with self love, stability and emotional healing

1 x Olieve + Olie Australian Olive Oil Lip Balm infused with essential oils

1 x Musings from the Moon Affirmation Card

Don't forget to leave a comment in the 'notes' section to be displayed on their card in the pot so they know exactly who's sending them a little pot of love!