Mr Consistent Mother's Day Gift Box - Mum's Juice Margarita Gift


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Looking for the ultimate gift to show Mum how much she means to you?! Don't just say it, shake it up with our limited edition Mum's Juice Margarita!

This is a custom collaboration with the team at Bad On Paper, featuring a custom gift box ready for you to gift to Mum!

Bad on Paper brings pop culture and an uncensored attitude to gifting for all of life's events. We believe in creating memorable moments by incorporating humour into traditional gifting occasions, as well as the less acknowledged life events like breakups, mess ups and everything in between. 

Inside the gift box is our signature Margarita Cocktail Mixer with a spruced up 'Mum's Special Juice' label - she'll love it.

Grab yourself some tequila and get ready to really shake things up for Mum this year!