Art of Espresso - Blues Blend Coffee Pods


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Blues Blend is now also available in these Nespresso® Compatible bio-degradable and compostable coffee pods!!

This blend is the AOE 20-year commemorative blend. We've called it the Blues Blend. It is a nod to our AOE corporate colour blue and our love of the blues music. Simple really!

This blend is made up of high grown Arabica organic coffees, roasted to achieve a bluesy Memphis feel and flavour with hints of American tobacco, chocolates, and a subtle smokey coffee sweetness.

Very reminiscent of a solid rhythm blues band is the mold of R.L. Burnside or John Lee Hooker in a back alley Memphis bar.

Enjoy a quality local roasted award winning coffee in your Nespresso® coffee machine. Available in packs of 10 or 80.