The Last Straw by Zoe Matthiessen


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An illustrated children's story about an animated plastic straw, Sippy, whose encounters with animals affected by plastic trash teaches young readers about the problems of plastic.

Meet Sippy the plastic straw! Once celebrated and loved by all, now Sippy is used up, discarded, and floating in a puddle. Sad and confused, Sippy is blown around on a long journey.

Sippy, a plastic straw who was once so useful, one day gets thrown out and blown into the sea. Along his journey he meets a number of animals, each one struggling with some form of trash. There is the raccoon with a plastic six-pack ring around her neck, and the sea bird whose nest is made entirely of plastics. Sippy meets turtles who think grocery bags are food, and a hermit crab forced to live in a toothpaste cap. Then Sippy is eaten by a whale! This colorful story teaches children how to be champions of the environment, as well as the importance of reducing our use of plastics and recycling even the smallest plastic items.

About the Author

Zoe Matthiessen is a self taught artist living in New Haven, CT. She was recently accepted into the Society of Illustrators 60th Annual & Exhibition and chosen in American Illustration 37. She has contributed to both The American Bystander and to The Nation, has produced work for The Environmental Defense Fund, and has held her weekly spot "Ecocide" in New Haven Independent for the past year. Selected as one of the "Top Ten Emerging Artists of 2018" by Art New England Magazine, her work also made cover of the March/April issue of the print publication. Matthiessen is currently organizing an environmental activist group, "The Pick-Up Artists," which will bring artists together to target heavily littered outdoor locations for cleanup and art creation. Deeply concerned with political and environmental issues, she remains hopeful despite all evidence to the contrary, creating art to raise awareness and to effect change.